Amoena Contact 2A Breast Form 351
Amoena Contact 2A Breast Form 351
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Amoena Contact 2A Breast Form 351

Amoena Breast Form Classic ContactÆ 351

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NOTICE:The Amoena 351 has been discontinued and replaced with the Amoena 383. Please call our Toll Free Number for more information: 1-888-838-0770.

What if you could attach a breast form directly to your body, one that follows your every movement, just like a natural breast? You can with the Amoena 351 Classic Contact Breast Form!

Amoena Contact breast forms attach to your body with a skin-friendly adhesive that creates a strong bond as if you're not wearing a breast form at all. By attaching Amoena adhesive nipples(Click Here to View Nipple Selection) to your breast form, you will find that wearing a breast form is pretty close to what Mother Nature intended.


For hygenic reasons, due to the adhesive nature of this product,
Contact breast forms cannot be returned or exchanged.
Please order carefully.

The Amoena 351 Classic Contact Breast Form features the "Pearl", skin-friendly adhesive technology on back attaches directly to the body, to provide a simple, secure fit. The Amoena Classic Contact breast forms do not require skin supports and the Amoena Classic Contact 351 has upper chest and underarm extensions that help replace missing tissue.

This breast form can also be worn traditionally by attaching the Back Pad. The Amoena Classic Contact 351 Breast Form should be worn with a bra and should not be worn attached while swimming or during heavy perspiration. Easy cleaning and care required to maintain the permanent adhesive. Due to its adhesive surface, Classic ContactÆ relieves the shoulder and neck area and helps preventing shoulder strain and lymphedema.

  • Manufacturer: Amoena
  • Product: Classic Contact Breast Form
  • Style Number: 351
  • Available Sizes: 0-12
  • Available Colors: Ivory and Tawny
  • Fit: Average to Full
  • Shape: Asymmetrical
  • Please Specify Right or Left
  • Amoena silicone breast forms do not contain latex.

How to clean the adhesive surface of your Contact Breast Form:

1. Sprinkle soft cleanser on to the dry adhesive surface. Set the special brush with water.

2. Scrub hard with the special brush, applying pressure, for about 3 minutes.

3. Rinse with plenty of water.

4. Allow to dry naturally or with a hair dryer on a low temperature setting.

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Amoena Contact 2A Breast Form 351