Jodee Mirage Gold Soft Cup Pocketed Sarong Swimsuit, Plus, Style 2034
Jodee Mirage Gold Soft Cup Pocketed Sarong Swimsuit, Plus, Style 2034
Jodee Mirage Gold Soft Cup Pocketed Sarong Swimsuit, Plus, Style 2034
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Jodee Mirage Gold Soft Cup Pocketed Sarong Swimsuit, Plus, Style 2034
Jodee Mirage Gold Soft Cup Pocketed Sarong Swimsuit, Plus, Style 2034

Jodee Mirage Gold Soft Cup Mastectomy Sarong Swimsuit, Plus, Style 2034

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Jodee Mirage Gold Soft Cup Sarong Swimsuit, Style 2034, offers Plus sizes for the full figure woman. It has built-in soft pockets to hold your breast form comfortably and securely in place while you enjoy swimming, exercising, water activities, or just relaxing. There is a special nylon tummy control panel for support and slimming and 3-button, adjustable straps. The higher neckline and armholes will enhance your level of confidence and allow you to fully enjoy your day. Nylon with Spandex. Available Sizes: 18W-26W (Click the Size Chart on the left to enlarge view.)

  • Manufacturer: Jodee
  • Product Name: Mirage Gold Soft Cup Mastectomy Sarong Swimsuit, Plus
  • Style Number: 2034
  • Product Number: jodee2034
  • Colors: Mirage Gold
  • Available Sizes*:18W-26W
    (Click on Size Chart above to Enlarge)
  • Cups**: Soft
  • Pockets: Built-in

*Available in Sizes, 8-20, Style 2027

**Swimsuit cups do not take the place of a breast form or shaper.

Features of Jodee Swimsuits

  • Higher neckline and armholes
  • Pockets for breast forms
  • Nylon tummy control panel for support and slimming (except Tankini style and Separates)
  • Nylon with spandex

Care Instructions: Hand wash


Established in 1971, Jodee® emphasizes superior craftsmanship in their production of mastectomy bras, breast forms, swimwear, and accessories. Only the best quality fabrics, sewn with utmost care to meet the highest fitting specifications, pass their stringent quality control inspections. Jodee believes that the right bra and breast form not only restores balance and assures a comfortable fit, but also fills an emotional need.

Jodee bras are designed to provide excellent fit, lasting comfort, and durability in beautiful, feminine mastectomy bras that are available in a wide variety of sizes to fit every woman from the most petite to the fullest figure.Accessories:

ThePinkBra offers a wide selection of post mastectomy bras, prostheses, swimwear, and other accessories from the world's leading manufacturers: Jodee, American Breast Care (ABC), Amoena, Classique, Anita, Trulife, and Wear Ease.

Jodee has 40 years of experience designing and manufacturing mastectomy products to meet the individual needs of women who have had breast surgery. They are well known for their large selection of After Breast Surgery bras and believe that the right bra and breast form restores balance, assures an excellent fit, and helps create a feeling of comfort and security. Their bras are available in a wide array of sizes to fit every woman from the most petite to the fullest figure.

Jodee has several different swimsuit styles and color patterns from which to choose. The Mirage Gold Sarong Swimsuit, Plus, is also available in Sizes 8-20, Style 2027. In addition to sarong swimsuits, there are one-piece tanks and separate tops to wear over shorts, available in regular and plus sizes.

ThePinkBra carries a great variety of breast forms, including Breast Swim Forms, by all the major manufacturers. Breast Swim Forms are designed specifically to be worn in your swimsuit for a better look and fit wet or dry. Unaffected by salt or chlorinated water, swim forms allow a confident experience whether you are performing aerobic exercise or just having fun at the beach or by the pool.

Jodee's patented Perma-Form® Bra is a lightweight form of polyurethane foam sewn permanently into each bra. The form has metal cores that help restore body balance but leave the form lighter than silicone. It is more comfortable especially on hot, humid days. For someone who has difficulty fitting a form into the pocket, such as in the case of arthritis, this bra is a great choice.

Perma Form® Bra Features:

  • Foam is lighter
  • Foam is cooler
  • Bra easier to wear (especially for someone with limited movement)

ThePinkBra has partnered with Amoena to offer a wide selection of post-surgical camisoles, pocketed bras, soft foam breast forms, silicone prostheses, and swimwear. Feminine, fashionable, natural: Amoena post-breast surgery bras provide women with a natural feeling of well-being, enabling them to feel feminine again. Amoena's line of beautiful intimate apparel offers the perfect combination of comfort and design with a cut specially developed to ensure reliable comfort and offer the perfect solution for every occasion from classically feminine and elegant to modern or sporty.

The Amoena "Feel" collection of post-mastectomy swimwear ensures women can feel completely relaxed and comfortable. Amoena swimwear gives women the confidence to show off their figures and be active again, whether on the beach or in the pool. Clever tailoring translates into high quality swimsuits that are both stylish and comfortable to wear. Each suit features pockets sewn into both sides that hold a breast form(s) securely in place.

For 30 years, Amoena, the world's leading brand of external breast forms, has been helping women enjoy fuller lives after breast surgery. Amoena produced the world's first silicone gel and polyurethane breast form, the first two-layer breast form, and the first quality attachable breast form. In addition, women with neck and shoulder tension or lymphedema will find a selection of products suiting their needs.

Classique brings a new fashion attitude to post-mastectomy bras, external silicone forms and swimwear. Founded in 1976, Classique is known as an innovator, and the designer of many stylish concepts. That reputation, coupled with affordable prices, customer commitment, and attention to detail, have made Classique an industry leader.

Classique design teams in Europe work with international medical consultants, using patented production methods to create the most advanced and natural External Silicone Prostheses and the most stylish, beautiful, comfortable Post-Mastectomy Bras and Swimwear in the world.

Classique Post-Mastectomy Bras are conceived by top designers in the U.S.A. and Europe for high quality and high fashion at affordable prices. Classique bras are beautifully feminine, romantic, and comfortable.

Their International Collection features built-in pockets specifically constructed to accommodate and completely conceal the prostheses. Classique offers many styles, sizes, and colors for every woman's taste, needs, and shapes.

American Breast Care's state-of-the-art production facility employs a "high tech, high touch" method of design, development and production, using input from retailers and end users to keep the products on the cutting edge of what women want. The entire operation--manufacturing, shipping, customer service and corporate offices--is housed under one roof in Marietta, Georgia.

Anita Care bras are made of soft, skin-friendly materials with a slightly higher-cut, stretch neckline and a wide, softly elastic underbust band that holds the prosthesis firmly in place. The range covers the entire scope from sporty design, through to smooth bras with ultra-feminine and elegant details.

Other Mastectomy Products and Accessories that may be found at include: nipples, partials, enhancers, shapers, breast form covers, pads, cleansers, extenders, creams, adhesives, compression bras and sleeves / gauntlets, scar treatments, headscarves.

We at are dedicated to finding the perfect mastectomy products for our customers and we believe in and stand by all of the products we offer. With a dedication to quality and comfort, we only offer products that pass our own rigorous standards and have been backed by many industry insiders including our professional fitters as well as our customers' feedback and testimonials. We do not offer products that we ourselves would not buy and believe in setting the standard in quality and reliability in the women's healthcare industry.

Our experienced professional fitters, some of whom are breast cancer survivors themselves, all agree that Jodee products meet ThePinkBra's elite standards of quality and everyday practicality.

To speak to one of our caring, experienced Certified Fitters at call 1-888-838-0770.

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Jodee Mirage Gold Soft Cup Pocketed Sarong Swimsuit, Plus, Style 2034