Juzo Naturally Sheer 2100 AG Thigh High Stockings (15-20mm Hg)
Juzo Naturally Sheer 2100 AG Thigh High Stockings (15-20mm Hg)
Juzo Naturally Sheer 2100 AG Thigh High Stockings (15-20mm Hg)
Juzo Naturally Sheer 2100 AG Thigh High Stockings (15-20mm Hg)
Juzo Naturally Sheer 2100 AG Thigh High Stockings (15-20mm Hg)
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Juzo Naturally Sheer 2100 AG Thigh High Stockings (15-20mm Hg)
Juzo Naturally Sheer 2100 AG Thigh High Stockings (15-20mm Hg)
Juzo Naturally Sheer 2100 AG Thigh High Stockings (15-20mm Hg)
Juzo Naturally Sheer 2100 AG Thigh High Stockings (15-20mm Hg)

Juzo Naturally Sheer 2100 AG Thigh High Stockings (15-20mm Hg)

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Juzo's New Naturally Sheer stockings combine the look of fashionable sheer hosiery with the benefits of compression therapy to fit your lifestyle and special needs. Knitted with Juzo's unique FiberSoft™ weave, you will notice their softness, ease of donning, comfort, and durability. The two'way stretch knit and Lycra® fibers allow these stockings to work with your calf muscles to assist the circulation in your leg in this stylish, seamless sheer hose that is ideal for evening or business wear. Thigh High style features a lace silicone border to ensure a stay-in-place fit. Like all Juzo products, Naturally Sheer is Latex-Free and machine washable. Thigh High. Silicone Border. Compression Strength: 15-20mm Hg Open Toe or Full Foot. Colors: Beige, Black, Vanilla (Full Foot only), Cinnamon (Full Foot only), Chocolate (Full Foot only). 1 Pair per Box. Sizes: I-V. (Click Here to View Size Chart)

  • Manufacturer: Juzo USA, Inc. (Julius Zorn)
  • Product Name: Juzo Naturally Sheer 2100AG Thigh High Stockings
  • Product Number: 2100AG
  • Style: Thigh High
  • Compression Strength: 15-20 mmHg
  • Foot Style: Open Toe or Full Foot (Closed Toe)
  • Available Lengths: Short or Regular
  • Available Sizes: I (Extra Small), II (Small), III (Medium), IV (Large), V (Extra Large) (Click Here to View Size Chart)
  • Available Colors: Beige, Black, Vanilla (Full Foot only), Cinnamon (Full Foot only), Chocolate (Full Foot only)
  • Border: Silicone
  • Materials: Lycra® fibers covered with FiberSoft™
  • Packaging: 1 pair per box
The Juzo Difference
Notes from our Certified Fitters:
Always contact your physician and/or therapist to determine the correct compression strength for your condition.

Additional Information Provided by the Manufacturer:

Offering one of the largest variety of compression stockings in the industry, Juzo provides products that are ideal for every lifestyle and specialized need. Juzo has led the compression therapy garment industry in creating a high quality product that offers its customers freedom in motion and, in turn, the freedom to maintain their active lifestyle.


  • Latex Free: All Juzo garments are Latex-Free!
  • Lycra: All Juzo garments are made with Lycra®! This is the highest quality synthetic compression fiber on the market. It offers greater resistance to wear-and-tear, and its 2-way stretch helps keep garment in place and maximizes comfort.
  • FiberSoft: Exclusive to Juzo! FiberSoft™ is a special manufacturing process that wraps each compression fiber with soft, protective threads which lift the compression fiber off the skin and increases durability and comfort.


    • provides soft, protective layer between skin and elastic fiber
    • allows the garment to glide over the skin for easy application
    • improves breathability
    • regulates stretch of elastic fiber to prevent over-stretching
    • improves durability

  • Ease of Care: Juzo garments can be machine washed and dried.
  • Perfect Fit: Juzo features an easy fit off-the-rack sizing plan with a wide range of standard sizes to accommodate your needs.

Instructions for Care:

Juzo hose should be replaced after six months of normal wear. They start losing their effectiveness after that time. If they seem to be getting looser, than you are not receiving the maximum benefits of their compression strength.

Juzo Compression therapy garments should be washed and dried each night. Latex-free garments can be machine washed and dried on low heat settings.

Measuring for Juzo Compression Stockings:

When to take measurements:
It is important that the edema is at its most reduced state. Most often this is found first thing in the morning or at the end of treatment.

How to take length measurements:
Length measurements should be taken from each circumference. It is recommended that you mark the leg with a non-permanent, non-toxic marker at each circumference measurement made.

The length measurement is then taken even with the floor, along the inside of the leg, up to each circumference point.

About Leg Health:

Accessories: We recommend that donning gloves always be worn when applying your compression garments. These gloves have a gripping texture that makes it considerably easier to put on compression hose. Donning gloves also help to prevent tearing, snagging or putting a nail or finger through the garment. This is especially true with the sheer compression hosiery. Other people prefer to use a donning aid like the Juzo Slippie Gator or the Homecraft Compression Stocking Aid.

Don't forget Juzo Detergent to help ensure your hosiery last for 4-6 months.

Many factors contribute to the overall health of our legs: heredity, weight, age, diet and activity level. But it's the internal function of the legs that also plays an important role: calf muscles, arteries, veins, and vein valves--the internal highway of blood and oxygen flow.

Your Circulation:
The flow of blood in the veins is assisted by a series of one-way valves. The valves remain open when the blood flows toward the heart, and then closed after blood passes through. Over time, an increase in pressure can stretch the vein walls. If a vein becomes enlarged and over-stretched the valves cannot close properly, causing blood to leak back down into the lower legs, resulting in poor circulation.

If this happens you may begin to develop symptoms, such as:

  • Heavy, tired, aching legs
  • Swollen legs and/or ankles
  • Sensation of warmth in the legs
  • Tingling or cramping of the legs
  • Dull or sharp pain in the calf
  • Small varicose veins and spider veins

Using Compression Therapy:
Graduated compression stockings and socks are important to leg health. Designed for people who are mobile, they work with a graduated effect, providing 100% compression at the most distal point, being the ankle and decreasing up the leg. The compression is measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg). They help minimize muscle aches, swelling, and symptoms of fatigue. Exercise and a healthy lifestyle will strengthen your legs, but wearing graduated compression stockings or socks will support the internal function of the veins.

We at ThePinkBra.com are dedicated to finding the perfect products for our customers and we believe in and stand by all of the products we offer. With a dedication to quality and comfort, we only offer products that pass our own rigorous standards and have been backed by many industry insiders including our professional fitters as well as our customers' feedback and testimonials. We do not offer products that we ourselves would not buy and believe in setting the standard in quality and reliability in the women's healthcare industry.

Our experienced professional fitters all agree that Juzo products meet ThePinkBra's elite standards of quality and everyday practicality.

To speak to one of our caring, experienced Certified Fitters at ThePinkBra.com call 1-888-838-0770.

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Juzo Naturally Sheer 2100 AG Thigh High Stockings 15-20mm Hg