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We're Local
We are proud to be located in the great Music City herself, Nashville, Tennessee. Since 1984, we've set up shop in the heart of downtown Nashville proximal to nearly all of the city's hospitals.

Our store has served the Greater Nashville community for over 30 years and continues to innovate within our local medical market by offering more accessibility and lower prices to our customers. We have aligned our company mission & expansion with what we believe is both best for the customer and what our customer wants.

Drove down here all the way from Kentucky because we're the closest store that sells mastectomy products? How about a website that shows everything we offer so you can shop in the privacy and comfort of your own home with most orders shipping for free right to your doorstep?

Your insurance will only cover a poor-quality rollator and you'd like your mother in something reliable with added convenience features such as a padded seat, a storage basket and a cup holder? Because we don't bill insurance, we're allowed to offer you the absolute best pricing on the market for this exact top-of-the-line rollator. You and your mother can rest easy (and stay hydrated!).

Need to pick up a couple of specific wound care products for your loved one who's being released today from the hospital down the street? Great! We've got you covered. Come on by and pick it up any time. We'll hold it at the front counter.

Being local and cognizant of our customers' lifestyles and struggles positions us for the absolute best customer service out there. We know our products. We know our industry. Most of all, we know our customer. Our shelves are stocked and we are here to help make your life or the life of your loved one so much easier. Simply call the store if you're in the area and could use our help.