The Sarah Bra by Wear Ease
The Sarah Bra by Wear Ease
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The Sarah Bra by Wear Ease

The Sarah Bra by Wear Ease

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The Sarah Bra by Wear Ease is designed for women who have trouble dressing. Whether you have a minor wrist injury or a severe and permanent paralysis from stroke or spinal cord injury, you can achieve total upper body dressing independence with the Sarah Bra˘.

The Sarah Mastectomy Bra˘ is designed to provide dressing independence with gentle support and maximum comfort. The design of the bra and the stretch fo the fabric allow the bra to accommodate a range of sizes and specific needs. Not only is the Sarah Bra˘ easy to put on, it is also comfortable.

The shell of the Sarah Post-Mastectomy Bra is made of NaturexxĂ which transfers moisture away from your body, thus enhancing comfort. It is cooler in warm weather and warmer in cool weather. Since less moisture builds up, there is a lesser occurrence of skin rashes.

The design of the bra in addition to the stretch of the fabric enables many different ways of dressing depending upon the strenghs of the wearer.

To view The Sarah Bra's Fitting Guidelines, please click here: ( The Sarah Bra by Wear Ease Fitting Guidelines)

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The Sarah Bra by Wear Ease is the first bra of its kind to offer comfort and style for women with physical limitations that make dressing with a conventional bra difficult or impossible. The creatively-engineered, patented design enables the wearer to don, adjust, remove, and care for the garment easily--all without sacrificing the look and feel of a quality bra.

The Sarah Bra enables easy dressing for women with limited mobility such as: use of only one hand or limited use of both due to paralysis, arthritis, injury, or surgery. This bra is great for:

  • Arthritis
  • Stroke
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Parkinson's

The Sarah Bra is an orthopedic bra that provides back support for chronic pain, osteoporosis, or following back or shoulder surgery.

It transfers moisture away from the skin to provide comfort and help prevent skin irritaion due to diabetes, immobility, or chronic yeast.


The Sarah Bra comes in a range of sizes in both misses and women's sizes. Please refer to the table below for a sizing guidelines.


  • Easy to Put On, Adjust, and Remove
    • Pullover shirt design
    • Loose-fitting bottom band
    • Front adjustment with rings attached to adjustable draw straps
    • Front release loops and high band neckline allow easy removal
    • Inward set shoulder straps with height adjustment
  • Comfortable and Carefree
    • Light and cool Naturexx material that transfers moisture away from the body
    • Powerknit back and strap system for incredible support with few seams
    • Wash and dry quickly
    • Prevents indentation in shoulders
  • Full Back Support
    • Eliminates excessive pressure on a small area of the back
  • Quality of Life Benefits
    • Increased independence for the wearer
    • Greater confidence and self-esteem

  • Manufacturer: Wear Ease
  • Product: The Sarah Bra
  • Available Sizes: M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, W5, W6, W7, W8, W9, and W10
  • To View Our Bra Fitting Guide, Please Click Here: (How to Measure for a Bra After a Mastectomy)
  • Available Colors: White Only

SizeBand RangeBustCup SizeDress Size
M1 34-40 in.32-34 in.A8
M2 34-40 in.34-36 in.B8
M3 34-40in.36-38 in.B/C10-12
M4 36-42 in.40-42 in.C/D14
M5 36-42 in.42-44 in.D/DD16
M6 36-42in.44-46 in.DD/DDD18
W5 42-50 in.40-42 in.A/B18-20
W6 42-50 in.42-44 in.B/C20
W7 42-50 in.44-50 in.C22
W8 42-50 in.50-52 in.D/DD24-26
W9 42-50 in.52-56 in.DD/DDD28-30
W10 50-54 in.56-60 in.G/H/I32

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The Sarah Bra by Wear Ease